Wednesday, May 4, 2011

After School’s Lizzy is the last one standing

Though the members of After School are all worn out from their schedule, Lizzy is still full of energy.

On May 2nd, a picture of the girls backstage was posted on the group’s official Twitter. You can see Lizzy pointing at her sleeping members as they doze off on the couch. In contrast to her sleepy members, Lizzy is still wide awake, showing that their tough schedule has yet to phase her.
Along with the photo, they wrote a caption, “One shot from the dressing room!! Please love ‘Shampoo‘ a lot!!! To #1!!!”
It looks like Lizzy is not tired at all. Netizens commented, “They must be tired. I feel bad”, “They are working hard for their performances”, “Why is Lizzy the only one with energy? You can’t lie about age”, “Lizzy is cute. She’s not tired?”


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