Friday, June 29, 2012

A-Jax Yun Young Gets Praised for Cleaning Up Dirty Waiting Room

Rookie group member, Yun Young from A-Jax proved to be more than just talent and looks.Yun Young received the new nickname of ‘well-mannered idol’ after four photos of him arose online.

On June 28, A-Jax’s official fan cafĂ© uploaded four pictures of the idol cleaning up the waiting room after performing on MBC’s Music Core stage. 

In the photos, Yun Young picked up all the trash lying on the ground and put them into several bags, remembering to rightfully sort out the recyclables, especially with Korea’s strict recycling policy.

To prevent any accusations of falsehood, the uploaded specifically wrote, “Just want to let you know this isn’t a staged picture. Yun Young has always cleaned up the waiting room due to his meticulous and organized personality.”

It was also noted that Yun Young did not want the photographer to take any pictures of him while he was doing the good deed.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “He’s such a good boy,” and “I wonder how many idols actually do this. Good for him!”



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