Friday, June 29, 2012

Yoon Jin Seo’s ‘Suicide Attempt’ was a Mere Misunderstanding

Yoon Jin Seo’s sudden suicide attempt is on its way to being concluded as a mere misunderstanding regarding cold medications.

In a conversation with enews, Yoon Jin Seo’s agency rep said, “It’s definitely not a suicide attempt. She had returned to Korea after living in America for two months, so she was trying to get through insomnia. The incident occurred when she took three packets of cold medicine.”

On June 28, a media outlet reported that Yoon Jin Seo had been rushed to the emergency room after trying to commit suicide with cold medicine. Her agency, however, denied the reports.

The rep added, “Because there were medicine packets by the sink, I unconsciously asked them to pump out her stomach. After she woke up, however, she was the one who asked us what all the fuss was about.” On the alleged suicide note said to have been found by her side, the rep said, “Yoon Jin Seo likes to write scenarios. The part where she said she was lonely was something that happened in her scenario. It’s not a suicide attempt.”

The rep finished, “She will be leaving the hospital sometime today or tomorrow. She plans to start filming the film Protect Me on July 17. There’s no reason for her to commit suicide.”

Yoon Jin Seo debuted in 2001 with Bus Stop, and went on to win the Rookie Award at the 40th Paeksang Arts Awards withOld Boy in 2004. Some of her more famous pieces include the films All for LoveA Day for an AffairBeastie Boys andOld Boy, and the dramas The Return of Iljimae and The Fugitive Plan B.



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