Thursday, July 5, 2012

‘Bridal Mask’ vs ‘Ghost’ vs ‘I Do I Do’; None are Really Winning Just Yet

The new Wednesday-Thursday drama battle is proving to be just as fierce as the one before it.On July 4, KBS2’s Bridal Mask stayed on top with 14.8 percent in viewership ratings (AGB Nielsen Media Research), and SBS’ Ghost was in hot pursuit with 11.4 percent. MBC’s I Do I Do came in with 8.7 percent.

Bridal Mask has been in the lead for a while now, but its ratings have stayed mostly in the early 10 percent range, giving the other dramas ample chance to sprint ahead.

Ghost and I Do I Do have been gathering more followers for a chase that’s been getting closer every week. Bridal Mask andGhost are just 3.4 percent points apart. This means that Ghost, with its realistic subject matter and plot twists, could beat out the leader anytime.

I Do I Do is also putting up a great fight. Although it fell to the one-digit range this day, it’s constantly stayed steady around 10 percent.


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