Friday, July 6, 2012

CHI CHI receives praise for their improvement

After having gone from a 7 member to a 5 member group along with adding new member Shine, the members of CHI CHI have been receiving compliments from old and new fans alike for their transformation.

Ever since June 30th, the CHI CHI members have been reeling in the interest of many primarily with their comeback performances. They are impressing with not only their improved singing ability, but also with their interesting choreography. The handblender move has particularly captivated viewers, and is currently a hot dance move many are attempting to learn and mimic. In recognition of its popularity, CHI CHI has even uploaded a video recently to teach the fans how to execute the move.
As for CHI CHI’s new single itself, “Love is Energy” utilizes the combination of dubstep and modern rock, musical genres that are currently popular in places such as America and Britain, to create a fresh and mature kind of sound. It is no wonder that with this song, combined with their powerful performances, CHI CHI was successfully able to obtain new fans.
The addition of new member Shine seems to have also contributed to CHI CHI’s current achievement. If her recruitment had happened earlier, it is believed that CHI CHI would have been able to create the perfect comeback within one year.
Representatives of Trophy Entertainment have explained CHI CHI’s improvement to be a result of the members’ great efforts, saying, “The members have worked harder than anyone else. In the past year, while promoting in Japan, they developed a great sense of confidence on stage, they didn’t skip one day of practice, and each [member] developed her individual skill through vocal lessons and dance rehearsals.
With the praise and popularity CHI CHI is slowly gathering, many watch and wonder whether or not they will be able to achieve their dream of becoming the “National Girl Group” of the next generation. For now, of course, it is too early to tell.
Check out this video of Japanese fans visiting CHI CHI and Trophy Entertainment:

Source: Herald Biz via Naver


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