Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Clazziquai’s Horan reveals she is in a relationship

Clazziquai‘s Horan has admitted that she is currently in a relationship!

FLUXUS Entertainment representative revealed, “Horan has been in a relationship for the past month. Because Horan’s personality is normally carefree, she didn’t have any hesitation”, explaining Horan’s stance on going public with her relationship.
Horan and her boyfriend have known each other for ten years and have previously dated and broken up. But after reuniting after a long time, the two decided to date again recently.
“Because they’ve only been dating for a month, it’s too soon to talk about marriage. They are dating well so please give them your support.”
In other news, Clazziquai is currently preparing for their new album.
Source + image: Star News via Nate


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