Wednesday, July 4, 2012

INFINITE’s Sungyeol tries out a new airport fashion?

 Celebrities’ airport fashion has become a hot topic nowadays and stars are feeling the pressure to put together their most stylish, yet airport appropriate outfit whenever they must brave the crowd of screaming fans as they go back and forth between countries.

However, INFINITE‘s Sungyeol decided to take a new approach at airport fashion by donning the most comfortable and lazy outfit he could find… his bathrobe. However, despite his perhaps, too casual outfit, Sungyeol kept the rest of himself chic with his well groomed hair and celebrity-essential, oversized sunglasses.
Judging by the smiles and laughs of the other members, it seems Sungyeol was perhaps forced to wear a bathrobe as a punishment after losing a game or a bet with the other members. Although seeming slightly embarrassed, Sungyeol manages to hold his head up high as he strides through the airport, trying not to laugh.
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