Thursday, July 5, 2012

IU Asks to be Used to Prevent School Violence

On July 3, IU attended her first official event for the ‘Stop the Violence in School’ campaign, held at the Kyobo Books in Kwanghwamun in Seoul. The event was to celebrate the release of the book, I’m Sorry, which is focused on school violence in Korea. 

“It’s my first event after becoming the ambassador against school violence and it’s such a significant one,” IU said at the event. “I’m very happy that Im Sorry is out. I hope that adults and children will both read the book and understand and pay more attention to the reality of school violence.”

Then she turned to the officials in the audience and added, “To all the directors and to anyone whom it may concern, I have a favor to ask. Ever since I became the ambassador, I’ve heard too many heart-breaking stories and I’ve felt terrible. I hope that you will start using me more aggressively as the ambassador.”

With her wise words, IU has been receiving lots praise from netizens.

They commented, “Although she’s young, her thoughts are deeps,” “I hope school violence will decrease,” and “She even speaks so well.”



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