Thursday, July 5, 2012

KARA becomes the third K-pop group to sell over a million singles in Japan

KARA has been named the third K-pop act following BoA and TVXQ to sell over one million singles in Japan!

The girls’ sixth Japanese single, ‘Speed Up/Girls Power‘, which was released back on March 21st, recorded 155,117 units in sales, bringing their total singles sales including all six singles to a grand number of 1,000,999 units. This record was achieved just a year and 11 months into their debut.
Thus far, the only K-pop artists to have achieved this feat include BoA and TVXQ, so KARA has definitely cemented themselves as one of the leaders of the Hallyu Wave with this achievement.
Taking a closer look at the numbers truly shows how much power KARA holds, as out of the three, KARA took the shortest amount of time to achieve the same record. BoA took two years and 10 singles to hit the one million mark, while TVXQ took three years, seven months and 24 singles to hit a million. BoA and TVXQ definitely paved the way with their hard work, though, so KARA should be proud of the efforts they’ve added.
Girls’ Generation, who advanced into Japan at a similar time, is trailing behind KARA with four singles and 569,896 units in sales as of July 2nd.
KARA is currently preparing for their Asia tour for the rest of the year along with their Korean comeback.
Source + Photos: Sports Korea via Nate


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