Thursday, July 5, 2012

Park Min Young Asked Her CEO What Drama He Watches: ′Dr. Jin′ or ′A Gentleman′s Dignity′

But the person who probably had the hardest time choosing was the CEO of King Kong Entertainment, which houses both Park Min Young and Yoon Ji NiOn July 5, Park Min Young and the cast of Time Slip Dr. Jin met with reporters to talk about the drama. 

There, Park Min Young was asked what she thinks about the drama’s rivalry with A Gentleman’s Dignity, which also stars Yoon Ji Ni, a fellow actress in the same company.

Park Min Young started her answer by referring to conversation that happened between her and her CEO.

“I asked him which drama he’s watching at the moment. And in the beginning, he said, Time Slip Dr. Jin," said the actress. "But these days..."

She trailed off and smiled, making other around her laugh. The CEO, who was present at the press conference, blushed and made a gesture that he watches her drama, making Park Min Young reply with a thank you.

To answer the question, Park Min Young said, “I’m working extremely hard, so I don’t worry about the ratings rivalry happening within the same company. In fact, I’ve been so busy that I didn’t even think about it.”

“When this drama ends, I plan on watching A Gentleman’s Dignity despite the rivalry that’s happening now,” the actress stated, ”I want to work hard so that other people will want to watch our drama from episode one again too.”

Time Slip Dr. Jin airs on Saturday and Sunday nights on MBC. 



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