Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shinhwa Members Exhibit Quirky Placards for Kim Dong Wan at ‘DerangeShinhwa Members Exhibit Quirky Placards for Kim Dong Wan at ‘Deranged’ Previewd’ Preview

The Shinhwa members have come forward to show their support for one of its members once more.On July 4, the Shinhwa Company tweeted, “’Passionate guy Kim Dong Wan′, ′You are my parasite’, ‘Milky Kim Dong Wan′, ′I live for you’. We attended the special VIP screening for Deranged. Kim Dong Wan fighting!

The included picture showed the Shinhwa members sitting front and center at the Deranged VIP screening and holding up humorous placards in support of member Kim Dong Wan, who stars in the movie.

A representative for Shinhwa Company shared, “The placards were Jun Jin’s idea. The writings were all thought of by each Shinhwa member. Even when entering the VIP screening, the members received a lot of attention but once it was known the placards were created by the members themselves, they received even more attention.” 

Deranged is horror/thriller movie about parasitic creatures who begin entering humans and driving them to drown themselves during the parasites’ breeding season. The movie premiered on July 5.



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