Wednesday, July 4, 2012

U-Kiss and Super Junior Spend Big Bucks on One Big Meal

Bang Eun Hee appeared on the July 3 episode of SBS Strong Heart and expressed her affection for U-Kiss, who is under her husband’s company. Seeing that the U-Kiss members were working hard, Bang Eun Hee told her husband that she wanted to buy them a meal. 

Her husband then replied, “They eat a lot, so buy them pork.” But Bang Eun Hee wanted to treat them right and buy them beef, which is quite costly in Korea.

“There are seven members and they really ate a lot. After the meat, they ate rice, stew, cold noodles and other dishes. The manager sitting next to them was shooting glares at them to stop eating at one point," said the actress. “The total came out to be around 1,800,000 won (~1600 USD)

The attention was then shifted towards Leeteuk, the leader of Super Junior, which has twice as many members as U-Kiss.

When asked how much the group spends on food, Leeteuk replied, “Because we’re a large group and also have Shindong, when we go out and eat beef, the cost comes out to be around 3~4 million won (~2600-3500 USD).

Shocked by the cost of their meals, Boom then shouted, “You basically caught and killed a cow!” making the studio roar in laughter.



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