Wednesday, July 4, 2012

U-Kiss Cries After Receiving an Imaginary #1 Win

So on SBS’ Strong Heart, aired on July 3, Leeteuk and Boom decided to stage a number one with for the boys. Bang Eun Hee, who is married to the CEO of U-KISS’ company, said, “I didn’t like idol groups at first. I liked underground artists more, but after seeing U-KISS, I began to understand and like them more.”

“I watched them not eat, not sleep, and just practice, and now I understand them more than anyone."

The actress added, “Because we’re a very small company compared to JYP, SM, or YG, we can’t support the boys as much as we want to, and it’s quite upsetting.”

In order to cheer Bang Eun Hee on, U-KISS made a surprise appearance on the show.

Leeteuk then said, “Bang Eun Hee really wants to see you get a number one. So let’s practice here on Strong Heart.”

Although it was a fake number one win, the U-KISS members had a hard time getting the words out for their thank you speeches, and Kevin even showed tears, starting a domino effect, making Bang Eung Hee, Park Kyung Lim, and Jung Juri cry in the audience.

Kevin later said, “If we really got a number one win, I think I would cry as much as now.”

U-KISS ended the imaginary win with “We have a lot of things to thank our CEO and Eun Hee nuna for. We love you.” 



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