Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yedang Entertainment to debut new idol group this month

Yedang Entertainment, home to artists such as Lim Jae BumGuckkasten, and Ali, is reported to be releasing a new idol group.

Though the agency has had a long history in the music industry handling broadcasts, albums, concerts, and various media content, this is the first time an idol group will debut under its label.
The 6-member boy group will debut July 19th, and they’re gathering interest as it’s been revealed that hit producer Shinsadong Tiger as well as idol groups like B2STMBLAQ, and 4minute, ballad singer Noel, and producer Rado will be involved in their debut album.
Yedang Entertainment stated, “[It's a new group that has been prepared with a mastery and long-standing knowledge of the album industry.] The members have sufficient talent and charm to grab the attention of the public.”
The Yedang Entertainment idol group will have their debut showcase on July 19.
Source: TV Daily via Daum


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