Friday, July 6, 2012

Younha’s MV for “Run” receives much attention from the public

Soloist Younha‘s MV for “Run” from her 4th album, ‘SUPERSONIC‘, is receiving much attention from the public.
The MV was uploaded onto her official homepage, as well as YouTube and other video sharing sites, recording an impressive amount of views.
In the MV, Younha is seen wearing a white one-piece dress and seems to be chasing after her goal with all her might. But despite being knocked down several times, she doesn’t give up and continues racing towards her goal.
The MV for “Run” has also grabbed attention as one of the world’s most famous visual animatorsLumpens (Yong Suk Choi) was in charge of the MV as well as the artwork in the album. “Run” was composed by Score and lyrics by singer-songwriter Ra.D and Bae Gina.
Upon seeing the MV, netizens left comments like, “All the tracks on Younha’s 4th album are good. Daebak!“, “The MV is very unique. I like it. Younha’s the best!“, “I’ve waited so long for Younha! Everything exceeded my expectations“, and more.
Meanwhile, Younha will be holding a comeback concert at AX-Korea in Seoul on July 28th, and at the Lotte Hotel in Busan on August 11th.
If you haven’t already, check out the MV below!

Bonus color MV:
Source: XSports News via Nate


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