Thursday, November 29, 2012

Block B’s P.O reveals his father owns a duty-free shop

Block B‘s P.O revealed that his father owns a duty-free shop.

On the November 28th episode of ‘Weekly Idol‘, it was revealed that P.O’s nickname is ‘rich idol’. P.O insisted, “[I'm not that rich].” However, the MCs jokingly responded, “If we knew about this, then we should have given P.O more screen time,” and moved P.O to the center seat.
P.O said, “It’s true my family is well-off, but this is exaggerated.” When the MCs asked what kind of business his parents ran, he answered, “My father owns a duty-free shop. I don’t know exactly what he does, but I know he works in the duty-free business.
On the show, the Block B members also revealed that Zico gets asked out by an average of 4 female idols when the group has promotions.


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