Thursday, August 4, 2011

4minute’s Jihyun and HyunA reveal fresh face selcas

4minute’s Jihyun and HyunA revealed very innocent looking no-makeup face selca photos.
On the 2nd, Jihyun tweeted the photo above and wrote, “We’re in Thailand. Kim HyunA, who is in the same room as me, is asking me to tell you guys that she wanted to update her Twitter but forgot her password~ Automatic login is good but…”
In the photo, HyunA is seen wearing a sleeveless shirt and Jihyun is sporting a shirt with a cool pattern on it. The girls both noticeably have no makeup on, but still manage to look beautiful.

Jihyun also tweeted a solo shot of herself and wrote, “Without having slept at all, I took this photo in the morning while spacing out. This is a bonus shot. This is pretty good for spacing out, right?”
Jihyun revealed her fresh face and flawless skin.
Netizens wrote, “Your faces are cute”, “Really pretty”, “Jihyun, you look tired but pretty”.