Friday, June 29, 2012

Brave Brothers to make his first appearance on a variety show

Composer and producer Brave Brothers will be making his debut into the variety show world through MBC‘s ‘Reckless Family‘.

On the July 1st broadcast of ‘Reckless Family’, Brave Brothers will be making a cameo on the new sitcom like variety program, ‘Reckless Family’. He will be appearing as a mentor to the cast members as they try to compose a “family song”.
Others like Goo Ja Myung, Huh GakJang Jae InSon Jin Young, and more have made guest appearances on the show previously and made viewers laugh. Since this will be Brave Brothers first appearance on a program of such a nature, many fans are anticipating his impromptu acting skills.
The producer of the show, Go Tae Gyung, stated, “Not only is it amusing to see the cast’s ad-lib but we are constantly working hard to touch and entertain the viewers with special guest cameos. It will be special characteristic of ‘Reckless Family’ to have a guest cameo on every new episode.
Source & Image: Osen via Nate


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