Monday, July 2, 2012

Shinhwa Shares a Unique Exercise to Help Farting

After being in the business for more than 14 years, the Shinhwa members may have gotten way too comfortable on the screen as they shared their secret method to help with farting. Aired on June 29, jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast revealed the third episode of Shinhwa’s trip to Chuncheon as a part of the ‘Travel Channel – the god of MT.’

After tiring themselves with dodge ball and pillow fights, the members settled down to sleep together for the first time since their dormitory days many years ago. 

But the real fun didn’t start until the group’s leader, Eric, ripped a loud one, making the members’ ears perk at the sound of it.

But only Shin Hye Sung, known as the clean one, showed disgust, as the rest of the members joined Eric in releasing flatulence.

Lee Min Woo, at one point, even told the other members his way of farting, which was hitting the tailbone until the familiar sensation came, followed by the release of gas. Soon most of the members were hitting their tailbones, testing out the theory.

Somewhere during the tests, Lee Min Woo quickly got up from the bed and announced that he needed to go to the bathroom to take care of some business.

Since the first episode of Shinhwa Broadcast, the members have focused on ‘putting themselves down,’ doing extremely silly and immature things and being completely honest in showing their normal selves on television.

Audiences have found their brutal honesty and close relationships worth watching and have tuned into the show.

The rating for this episode was 1.080 percent according to AGB Nielson Media Research, a drop from its previous episode but still a good standing.

July 7’s episode of Shinhwa Broadcast will feature only five members as Jun Jin recently received a back surgery for a herniated disc.



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