Thursday, June 28, 2012

Charismatic NU’EST Dons Mysterious Masks in Comeback Photo

The already crowded month of July is getting more crowded with NU’EST joining the list of idol stars making a comeback. On June 28, Pledis Entertainment released its first teaser image for NU’EST.

Standing under a spotlight, the NU’EST members stand in a row looking charismatically at the camera while each holding up a mysterious white mask. 

Regarding NU’EST’s comeback, Pledis Entertainment said, “NU’EST’s debut album Face delivered a message on school violence and this upcoming album will strongly express freedom and breaking from norms and show the members′ upgraded music skills and appearance.”

Netizens commented saying, “The visual is daebak”, “Each member’s styling is so unique” and “I’m looking forward to this album and message.”

NU’EST made its debut in March and will release its new album in mid-July.



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