Friday, June 29, 2012

CHI CHI sparks hot interest with their “Hand Blender” Dance

Less than 24 hours ago, CHI CHI released their comeback track and MV, “Love is Energy.”

With new member Shine, the group made their comeback in Korea after a long hiatus. Although CHI CHI had a shaky start, their new comeback track is being extremely well received. The addicting melody and the mesmerizing “Hand Blender” dance has caught the attention of viewers, putting the group in a brand new light.
Fans have been commenting, “The hand choreography is awesome, but so difficult!“, “I wish CHI CHI could release a tutorial for the hand dance,” and “CHI CHI is finally getting the attention they deserve.”
CHI CHI is back, better than ever, and fans are expecting this comeback to finally put them on the map. 
Check out their music video for “Love is Energy” below.


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