Thursday, June 28, 2012

Choi Daniel Opens Up on the Difficulties that Came Before His Success

Choi Daniel confessed that he had found it hard to act alongside a mother role because he had lost his mother when he was five years old.The actor made an appearance on the June 26 broadcast of tvN’s Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside and talked about his unfortunate surroundings and his difficult life as an actor.

Despite the difficulties, Choi Daniel shone bright with the success he had garnered as a shining cameo on Ghost and spilled out his thoughts with his characteristic positive energy.

Choi Daniel revealed that he had lost his mother when he was five and had to endure many difficulties after his father failed at setting his business on track.

“I had to live at my aunt’s while my brother and father also each lived in different places. Still, I don’t believe I was unhappy or unfortunate; it was just a setback. Having to endure difficulties because I can’t afford anything is just a setback and not unhappiness or a greatly unfortunate event,” Choi Daniel said positively.

The absence of his mother, however, left its mark on the actor.

He said, “I didn’t know how to act in scenes that showed motherly love, and I didn’t know why those scenes were supposed to be sad. I learned what a mother is through my mother role in the drama Good Job, Good Job, Kim Hae Suk.”

“There was a scene in which I had to beg to my mother after being scolded by her. At the time, I told Kim Hae Suk, who was my mother, that ‘I don’t know why [my character] is crying because I don’t have a mother.’ She asked, ‘Has your mother passed away?’ and added, ‘Then I’ll teach you what a mother is, so just trust me and follow.’ I was so thankful.”



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