Saturday, June 30, 2012

Comedian Yoo Sang Moo didn’t want to guest on ‘Happy Together’ because of Shin Bong Sun?

Comedian Yoo Sang Moo confessed that he hesitated about whether or not he should appear as a guest on ‘Happy Together 3‘.

On June 28th’s broadcast of KBS2‘s ‘Happy Together 3′, Yoo Sang Moo confessed, “I really thought hard about coming on today.”
Fellow comedian and friend Jang Dong Min explained, “Yoo Sang Moo told us that he didn’t want to come on ‘Happy Together’ .” He added, “The reason is because of Shin Bong Sun,” surprising everyone on set.
Jang Dong Min went on to say, “Yoo Sang Moo is uncomfortable around Bong Sun because of his former girlfriend.” Apparently, in an attempt to appear “cool” in front of his ex-girlfriend, Yoo Sang Moo yelled at his hoobae Shin Bong Sun. However, he later found that his attempt to “defend” his former girlfriend was completely unnecessary and the result of a misunderstanding.
Comedians Yoo Sae YoonAhn Sun Young, and Kim Sae Rom also appeared on the same episode.
Source: Money Today via Naver


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