Saturday, June 30, 2012

Former Fin.K.L members Ock Ju Hyun and Lee Jin have a dinner date

Singer Ock Ju Hyun and actress Lee Jin, who are both former members of legendary female group Fin.K.L , have revealed a pair of pictures of their recent dinner dates.

On June 28th, Ock Ju Hyun uploaded the pictures above via Twitter, saying, “Yesterday and today I had a dinner date with Lee Jin.
In the first picture, Ock Ju Hyun and Lee Jin are seen sitting side by side with a plate of chicken in front of them. While Lee Jin is taking a picture with her phone, Ock Ju Hyun faces front, flashing a nice smile and holding a piece of fried potato. In the second picture, Ock Ju Hyun has taken a nice snapshot of her bare-faced, pretty companion as they walk down the street together.
Even after all of these years, it’s nice to see the Fin.K.L members still stay in touch and go out together. Netizens who have seen the picture also have commented, “The two people who look pretty even without makeup,” “Even though you eat chicken, do you not gain weight?,” and, “It ‘s nice to see the Fin.K.L members remain on friendly terms as usual.
Source: Ock Ju Hyun’s Twitter


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