Friday, June 29, 2012

French Newspaper ‘Le Parisien’ Reports on JYJ’s Popularity in South America

Taking one country at a time, JYJ was covered by influential French press, Le Parisien, confirming the group’s growing popularity overseas. Published on June 20, Le Parisien wrote an article titled, “South Korea’s K-Pop Spreads to Latin America,’ and talked about JYJ’s popularity and the growth of passionate K-Pop fans in South America. 

The press expressed astonishment when its reporters saw fans lining up and camping out for JYJ’s concert in Peru, part of the group′s 15 city world tour, including Berlin and Barcelona.

Le Parisien even reported about the JYJ Membership Week beginning on June 28, where over 7,000 Japanese fans are expected to visit Seoul, taking over around 3,500 hotel rooms.

The newspaper also wrote about how the K-Pop culture is moving swiftly into other countries as singers are holding more concerts in different parts of the world. 



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