Thursday, June 28, 2012

f(x) shares their excitement over their “Electric Shock” comeback

The ladies of f(x) are undeniably sweeping the charts with their “Electric Shock” comeback, earning trophies on stage and topping album sales charts for two consecutive weeks so far.

f(x) recently sat down for an interview with Segye Journal to update fans on what they had been up to and what the process leading up to their recent success was like.
The girls opened up by expressing, “Because the members were all busy with individual activities, there wasn’t a lot of opportunities for us to all come together. It’s really exciting to regroup like this.”
Victoria continued, “I was away from the members for about three months because of a drama I was filming in China. I really missed the members then and was desperate to meet our fans.”
On their international popularity, they stated, “I think being a multicultural group helps a lot in that aspect because international fans take a greater interest in the group.” Amber added, “f(x)’s songs are known for being unique and always going for new changes so I think there are a lot more fans that wait and anticipate what kind of music and stage f(x) will come out with next.”
Krystal stated, “I was really surprised to see the YouTube views because I didn’t think we were that popular overseas. I feel really proud whenever fans sing along to our songs and cheer for us loudly at international performances like the SM Town World Tour.”
Sulli expressed similar sentiments, stating, “All of the members were amazed to see everyone sing along to ‘Electric Shock’ at our Hong Kong performance last weekend.”
On their comeback album, Luna revealed, “We worked on our album every chance we got. It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly, but I think it took us about four months to prepare for it.”
Victoria continued, “I returned to Korea to record songs and went back to China to film my drama, then came back to rehearse the choreography. Even if I was busy traveling between two countries, I had a lot of fun preparing together with the members.”
When asked about their choreography, Krystal explained, “Our dance requires perfect timing. The rhythm is syncopated so we have to match our moves perfectly with the beat in order to achieve the full effect for the choreography. Our choreography point this time is the way we express an electric shock going through our body in tune with the lyrics. There are a lot of moves that directly express the lyrics.”
Luna said, “Since we’ve gained more experience, we’re a lot better at concentrating on our singing, performance, and emotional expressions. There’s a certain level of confidence we’ve achieved on stage.”
Victoria revealed, “Amber’s always rapped in the past but she participated in the new album as a vocalist this time as well. I feel that the members have all gotten a more mature vocal color.”
Sulli finally concluded the interview by saying, “I’ll also be working to show a new image as an actress through SBS’s new August drama, ‘To the Beautiful You‘.”
Source & Images: Segye via Naver


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