Saturday, June 30, 2012

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny gets called out for a ‘scandal’ on ‘Invincible Youth 2′

On the June 30th broadcast of KBS2TV‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘, the G6 members reported on Girls’ Generation Sunny‘s “scandal” on their ‘Invincible Youth Relay’ corner.

Photos of Sunny and a mysterious person together caused MC Boom to question, “Isn’t this person wrapping his arm around your waist too tightly?” MC Kim Shin Young added, “100% dating,” while Yewon responded, “The rumors were true,” Bora“That person’s back is familiar,” and Hyoyeon:“Wow, daebak.”
Kim Shin Young continued the accusations saying, “I’m sure that they’ve kissed.” Sunny finally explained that it was all just a misunderstanding as she revealed, “We’re family. It’s Amber of f(x).”
Suzy then remarked, “I was completely fooled,” making everyone laugh.
Source: Osen


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