Saturday, June 30, 2012

G.NA meets up with the Trouble Maker duo backstage at ‘Music Bank’

2HOT” singer G.NA shared some adorable selcas taken with the Trouble Maker duo, Hyunseung of B2ST and HyunA of 4minute.

She posted to Twitter on the 30th KST, “At yesterday’s ‘Music Bank‘, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten together with sexy Hyun-bak and awesome Hyunseung! It’s my last performance [on the show] so seeing them gave me strength~ Hyun-bak & Hyungseung = 2HOT TROUBLE MAKER baby.”
The three idols definitely look like they’re having fun in the photos G.NA shared.
Fans commented, “I guess G.NA’s close with Trouble Maker,” “Beauty competition between HyunA and G.NA?” and “How can you guys be this adorable~.”
Source + Photo: G.NA’s Twitter


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