Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jang Dong Gun Shoots Some Hoops in New ‘Gentleman’s Dignity’ Previews

Jang Dong Gun has taken to the basketball court in a high stakes game.In the next episode of SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Soo Ro and Kim Min Jong will set to prove they’ve still got it as they play hoops against a group of guys in their twenties in a three on three game.

Long term fans of Jang Dong Gun will particularly be excited as it will give viewers a chance to see the actor playing ball once more since his iconic role as a basketball player in the 1994 smash hit basketball drama, Last Victory

The scene was shot on June 28 at Gyeonggi-do’s Jangheung. The three actors who are real members of celebrity baseball team, stretched a bit before the scene before displaying their athletic prowess. The three also showed uncanny teamwork as they dribbled and passed the ball with ease despite the actors’ fatigue from the grueling shooting schedule. 

A member of the production said, “It was like watching Jang Dong Gun in Last Victory again. Despite the fatigue and exhaustion I’m sure he has he, Kim Soo Ro and Kim Min Jong showed such energy on the court!”

The scene will air on June 30 on SBS.



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