Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jay Park Takes On Zombies with KevJumba

Challenged by Youtube sensation, KevJumba, Jay Park went through a fierce battle, fighting off zombies during the zombie apocalypse.KevJumba, or Kevin Wu, who has the 10th most subscribed channel on Youtube, started a new comedy webseries called ‘KevJumba Takes All’ in which he challenges random celebrities to even more random and wacky competitions. 

The guest celebrity for the most recent episode of the webseries uploaded on June 27 was Jay Park. The mission? To survive a ‘zombie apocalypse’ by shooting as many zombies with paint guns.

The hilariously put together video showed Jay Park competing against the KevJumba, as zombies began to ambush the two stars

Unfortunately for Jay Park, he was only able to kill off two zombies before a pack of zombies came and took him alive.

KevJumba was also later killed and the two stars stared down in a duel, which was eventually won by KevJumba.

Though this isn′t Jay Park′s first video appearance with Kevjumba, fans were excited to see Jay Park collaborating and playing around with the famed Youtube star, appearing a bit more familiar to his audience than how he is shown on television.

Check out the zombie apocalypse below!



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