Thursday, June 28, 2012

JYP proves to be a true fashionista

Singer and producer JYP (Park Jin Young) appeared in a recent pictorial, attracting a lot of attention.

Appearing in pictorials for various fashion magazines, JYP embodied his character for the upcoming movie ‘5 Million Dollar Man‘, making the photoshoot even more entertaining.
In the photoshoot, JYP did not disappoint. He lived up to his nickname of being a fashionista and displayed impeccable style and shining individuality.
JYP’s success in the pictorials demonstrated that he was truly capable of dominating all areas of the entertainment industry. With his role in ’5 Million Dollar Man’, entertainment company CEO and singer JYP will also declare his debut as a movie actor. One of the pictures from the pictorial (top right) played on the many versatile sides of JYP.
JYP’s signature facial expressions also added onto the individuality of the pictorial and drew a lot of laughter from the Netizens.
’5 Million Dollar Man’ is expected to release on July 19th.
Source & Image: Naver


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