Saturday, June 30, 2012

J.Y.Park poses with a Yang Hyun Suk a look-alike?

Singer and producer J.Y.Park posed in a comical photo with Yang Hyun Suk look-alike, comedian Kim Min Soo.

On June 29th, J.Y.Park posted the above photo on his me2day and wrote, “On ‘SNL‘ this Saturday at 11PM, things like this happens“.
In the uploaded picture, J.Y.Park is holding a fist at Kim Min Soo while the comedian is nervously wincing. Kim Min Soo is receiving attention for resembling and imitating YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk on the segment titled ‘Yang Goon Agency’ through tvN’s ‘Comedy Big League‘.
Netizens commented, “I think I kind of know what that picture means? So funny“, “I think it would be funny if the real Yang CEO appears“, “I guess J.Y.Park was holding a grudge. I can’t wait for ‘SNL Korea 2‘.”
Source & Photo: Osen via Nate


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