Friday, June 29, 2012

Kim Soo Hyun to Take Over Japan in July

Kim Soo Hyun has his sights set on conquering Japan in July.The actor will be flying to Japan to promote and attend previews for the drama The Sun and the Moon, which will start airing on KNTV.

From July 4-5, he plans to meet with Japanese press and fans at the Tokyo Korean Cultural Center.

In July 2011, Kim Soo Hyun gathered attention in Japan with Dream High, which aired on TBS.

This year, after The Sun and the Moon made big issues in Korea, Japanese fans also started to show an interest in the drama and the Kim Soo Hyun syndrome, trying to evaluate just what it is about Kim Soo Hyun that makes him so popular.

A rep from Kim Soo Hyun’s Japan agency said, “[Kim Soo Hyun] has been grabbing the hearts of Japanese fans by appealing with charms different from those showcased by hallyu stars popular in the country now. His sensitive emotions, mellow voice and serious personality are making him more popular among the public after he gained their trust.”

Because The Sun and the Moon, which scored a big success with viewership ratings of 42.2 percent at its highest, doesn’t fall behind in quality compared to other dramas, its prospects in Japan are looking bright.

The Sun and the Moon will air its first and second episodes as a preview in July, and officially start airing in August.

Kim Soo Hyun is currently preparing to shoot the film Be Covert, Be Great, for which production will start late this year.



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