Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lee Tae Sung Hurls a 119km Opening Pitch

Long-time fans of Lee Tae Sung will be excited to see the actor back in uniform. 
On June 27, Lee Tae Sung had the opportunity to throw the first ball at the ‘2012 Paldo Pro Baseball’ LG Twins vs. Kia Tigers game at Seoul’s Jamsil Baseball stadium.

Sporting a uniform brandishing his name, Lee Tae Sung walked over to the mound amid cheers and fanfare. Carefully winding up, Lee Tae Sung hurled the ball which clocked at an astonishing 119 km.

Even the game’s commentators couldn’t hold back their surprise saying, “Even the form was perfect”, That was a Grade-A pitch” and “It looked like it was a changeup [a type of pitch in baseball]”. 

For those who knew Lee Tae Sung’s childhood though, they would be less surprised as Lee Tae Sung was a baseball player in his school days and was even a member of the national youth team before having to retire due to a shoulder injury and becoming an actor.

Lee Tae Sung also acted as a rookie baseball player in the drama 9 End, 2 Outs.



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