Friday, June 29, 2012

TVXQ attends press event for ‘I AM’

 On June 28th, TVXQ‘s Yunho and Changmin attended a stage greeting event for their SM Entertainment film, ‘I AM‘, at the CGV theaters in Guidong, Seoul.

Dressed to match in casual black suits, the two stood before reporters and fans in promotion of the movie, which hit theaters on June 21st. As previously revealed, the movie contains 16 years of history of the SM Entertainment artists, combining 4,824 tapes from SM and 4,415 tapes saved by Mnet. Fans will be able to see a deeper look into their favorite artists’ training days leading up to their concert at the New York Madison Square Garden for their ‘SM Town Live World Tour‘.
Yunho and Changmin provided excellent fan service at the event by calling up fans and giving out autographs. One special soldier in the audience earned a salute from Yunho.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate


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