Thursday, July 5, 2012

2AM Lee Chang Min and Jung Jin Woon Unveil Ripped Bodies made from Sweet Potatoes and Chicken Breast

In the recently 80th issue of fashion magazine High Cut, Lee Chang Min and Jung Jin Woon revealed their extremely cut bodies, perfectly embodying the concept of ‘Boys to Men.’It was especially noted that for this pictorial, released on July 5, Lee Chang Min had spent a little over a month creating this body with constant exercise and a strict diet consisting mainly of sweet potatoes and chicken breast. 

Although the diet and exercise must have been torturous, the results are certainly looking good.

During the interview with High Cut Lee Chang Min and Jung Jin Woon talked about what special events they plan for their girlfriends, as well as their personal habits when it comes to writing new songs.

The two singers also talked about Park Jin Young’s dedication to take care of his company’s singers, despite his personal schedules. 

The interview and the entire pictorial will be available in the 80th issue of High Cut



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