Thursday, July 5, 2012

2PM Wooyoung Narrates His Way to Work by Taking Pictures with Himself

With his first solo album coming out on July 8, 2PM’s Wooyoung decided to walk to work while check himself out. Plastered all around Hongdae Station, Wooyoung took photos of his walk to work as he passed by promotional posters of his solo album put up by JYP Entertainment.

On July 4, he posted a series of tweets, first starting with, “Riding the bus for the first time in awhile.”

Then, “Then took the subway.”

Finally, “Arrived at the company ^^”

Posing next to himself with that head of bright blonde hair, Wooyoung attracted a lot of onlookers as they put two and two together and figured out the person in the photo and the person standing in front of the photo were one and the same.

Netizens, upon seeing the tweets, commented, “Look at how proud he is of the posters,” “Absolutely no difference between the posters and the real person,” and “Really looking forward to his album!”

Wooyoung’s solo album will be released on July 8. 



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