Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2NE1′s Dara treats her fans to dinner

2NE1‘s Dara recently displayed love for her fans by footing the bill for their fanclub meet-up!

On July 1st, the members of her fanclub ‘Oh! My Goddess‘ held a meet-up at a restaurant specializing in steamed chicken since it’s one of Dara’s favorite foods. Before the meet-up, they had informed Dara of the event.
Unexpectedly, the message had actually gotten through to Dara, and so she promptly called up the restaurant to pay for the entire costs of her fans’ bill before they left.
Her fans were definitely surprised and touched with the kind gesture. One fan shared a proof shot of the meal they had shared and wrote, “Dara’s kind heart. It was a thankful and happy time thanks to Dara, who is always thinking of her fans.”
Stay tuned for 2NE1′s “I Love You” comeback on July 5th KST.
Source + Photos: Mydaily via Nate


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