Monday, July 2, 2012

Ahn Young Mi Turns Heads With Suzy Resemblance

Comedian Ahn Young Mi has made a remarkable transformation. In surprising new advertisements, Ahn Young Mi has become the face of natural cosmetics brand Skin Cure.

Donning a white dress, long hair and walking amid hedges, Ahn Young Mi is making jaws drop for her feminine transformation.

The pictures almost immediately became a sensation among netizens who pointed out her resemblance with popular singer/actor Suzy of miss A

For the advertisement shoot, Ahn Young Mi had to pose for hours in over 30 degrees Celsius weather but was said to remain energetic and happy until the end. 

Ahn Young Mi’s agency shared, “For Ahn Young Mi who always attempts new things, she has come to show her feminine and beautiful merits this time. You will be able to discover Ahn Young Mi’s new merits through this advertisement.”



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