Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baek Ji Young Introduced Jung Seok Won to Her Family

Baek Ji Young recently officially introduced her boyfriend, actor Jung Seok Won, to her parents.

Baek Ji Young invited Jung Seok Won to her brother’s wedding, held in Seoul on June 23, and introduced him to her family. He was the only celebrity other than Baek Ji Young and the group 2AM, which was there to sing for the newlywed couple.

An agency rep told enews on July 5, “Baek Ji Young introduced Jung Seok Won to her family after inviting him to her brother’s wedding. She invited him because they’re a couple and it was a happy event.”

The rep, however, didn’t want the incident to lead to rumors about the couple’s marriage. “She invited him to a family wedding because he’s her boyfriend. I don’t think they have any plans to get married soon.”

Baek Ji Young and Jung Seok Won’s relationship first went public on June 1, 2011.



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