Thursday, July 5, 2012

Song Seung Hun Practices Treating Park Min Young’s Foot

Taking his role very seriously, Song Seung Hun put all of his attention on treating a small would on Park Min Young’s toe.
Recently revealed was a behind-the-scenes photo of MBC’s Time Slip Dr. Jin. The two actors were captured together during the rehearsal of a scene where Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hun) treats a blister on Young Rae (Park Min Young)’s foot. This scene was aired on episode 12 on July 1. 

During the rehearsals, Song Seung Hun paid close attention the fake wound and practiced treating it so that when filmed, his actions would not seem awkward. 

Although the treatment of a blister seemed unimportant, this scene turned out to be an affectionate scene between Jin Hyuk and Young Rae, in which they realize they are both very special people in each other’s lives.

Time Slip Dr. Jin airs every Saturday and Sunday night on MBC.



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