Monday, July 2, 2012

How Does Wonder Girls’ Sohee Rank Her Beauty Against Her Other Members?

The Wonder Girls recently made an appearance on Mnet’s Beatle’s Code 2. During the recording, the MCs asked Sohee on how what she thinks of her own looks to which Sohee responded she possessed an average face.

This prompted MC Shindong to express his disbelief and followed up with the question how she would rank her looks compared to her members.

To Shindong’s question, Sohee confidently responded, “I think I’m 0th place (higher and incomparable to first place).”

She then explained, “I always value and love myself. That’s why I place myself as 0th.”
MC Tak Jae Hoon commended her on her confidence saying, “A person living life with confidence in his or herself has a great attitude.”

The Wonder Girls and f(x)-appearing episode will air on Mnet on July 4.



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