Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hwang Jung Eum Feels Lonely without Her Boyfriend

Hwang Jung Eum said she feels lonely in Busan without her lover at the press conference for MBC’s upcoming drama Golden Time held on July 2 in Seoul.
To a question asking whether she feels lonely because she can’t meet her boyfriend Kim Yong Jun often while filming on locale in Busan, she said, “We’re like family because it’s been seven years since we started seeing each other. I’m apart from my family and friends, but I feel more lonely being apart from even my boyfriend. I think I can concentrate on the drama more since I’m lonely.”

She also talked about how medical dramas aren’t easy.

She said, “Most of the cast have been in medical dramas, but I’m the only one that hasn’t. The jargon is so hard, and everything just seemed difficult. I’ve met such a piece at a time when I need to become a better actor. I’ll work harder.”

Lee Sun Gyun, Lee Sung Min and Song Seon Mi were also present at the press conference that day to talk about the drama.

Golden Time is a medical drama about doctors in the emergency ward of a general hospital, and is by producer Kwon Seok Jang of Pasta and scriptwriter Choi Hee Ra of the SBS drama OB and GY.

The drama will air on July 9 to follow the conclusion of Light and Shadow.



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