Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hyomin self-promotes T-ara’s upcoming activities

With T-ara‘s comeback in full swing, Hyomin has set out to promote the group’s activities in her latest Twitter update.

On the afternoon of July 4th, she tweeted, “It’s not an exciting or bright song fit for the summer, but we’ll be making our comeback this week with ‘Day by Day‘, a song perfect for the monsoon season coming up. Our stage won’t go overboard this time so please don’t worry. On Friday, we have an appearance on ‘Star Life Theater‘ lined up followed by ‘Music Core‘ on Saturday! Done with our self-promotion.”
Attached to the tweet was a sel-ca of Hyomin holding up a movie slate with ‘Star Life Theater’ and the broadcast duration written on it. Considering T-ara’s busy schedule, the tweet must serve as a nice reminder for fans looking to keep up with the girls through it all.
Netizens commented, “T-ara will be on ‘Star Life Theater’ too?”, “I’ll make sure to catch it live”, and“Definitely anticipating T-ara’s comeback”.
Source + Photos: Hyomin’s Official Twitter


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