Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kim Jae Joong is the Worst Actor Among JYJ Members

Kim Jae Joong attended a reporters’ roundtable for MBC drama Time Slip Dr. Jin on July 5, alongside co-stars Song Seung Hun, Park Min Young and Lee Bum Soo, where he was asked to rank the JYJ members’ acting abilities. And Kim Jae Joong apparently thinks his acting chops don’t cut it in comparison to his fellow members. 

“I’m in last place,” said Kim Jae Joong before adding with a laugh, “I watched Junsu’s musical and Yoochun’s drama, and I think I need to work harder.”

The singer and actor has never been shy about expressing his affection for the other JYJ members, but we think it′s about time Kim Jae Joong gave himself a little more credit. 



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