Monday, July 2, 2012

Lee Jong Seok Apologizes to Viewers and Goo Hara for His Mistake on ‘Inkigayo’

Lee Jong Seok apologized for the mistake he made during the most recent live broadcast of Inkigayo and for the controversy on Goo Hara’s expression that followed.
After the July 1 broadcast of SBS’ Inkigayo, MC Goo Hara came under fire for carrying a dark expression on her face supposedly after fellow MC Lee Jong Seok mistakenly introduced a performance that had already been introduced.

Lee Jong Seok opened up through his Me2Day on July 2.

Lee Jong Seok said, ‘Waah, live broadcasts are so hard. Hara was just trying to help her oppa (big brother) because I made a mistake on live TV. My heart feels heavy because she’s taking all the blame for me. I’m sorry, Hara. Everyone, this stupid rookie MC will try to wake up and do his best even though I still make a lot of mistakes,’ asking the public to scold him instead of Goo Hara.



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