Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lee Kwang Soo Exhibits ‘Manner Legs’ For Staff

Actor Lee Kwang Soo is winning praise for his ‘manner legs’. Recently King Kong Entertainment posted a picture of Lee Kwang Soo in between filming.

Standing at over 190cm, Lee Kwang Soo could be seen in the picture bringing himself down to the hair stylist’s height by standing with his legs spread far apart. 

We′ve seen the manner legs before, with stars like Gong Yoo and After School′s Uee, but Lee Kwang Soo′s manner legs may be the best yet.

Netizens commented saying, “I guess if you’re that tall there’s that sort of discomfort”, “What manner legs” and “Careful! You might rip your legs if you spread them any further.”

In addition to Running Man, Lee Kwang Soo will be seen in the upcoming KBS drama Nice Guy in August.



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