Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lee Seung Gi’s Good Nature Before His Debut Revealed by Father’s Friend

An old picture of Lee Seung Gi eating tteokboki (spicy ricecakes) with his high school friends appeared online, making netizens smile at his young and fresh image from the past. But the attention grabber was not the photo, but the story that tagged along, written by a friend of Lee Seung Gi’s father. 

Uploaded on an online community, the friend wrote:

"Three years ago, I went to a gathering of my old classmates. One of my friends was talking about his son.

From my memory, that son was in his final year of junior high and was taller than 180 cm. He was very handsome and studied enough in school to become the school president. But what really remained in my memory was that this child was an extraordinary son.

Once the student did ridiculous things in front of his friends, making him the laughing stock at school. However, he came home and shared his happiness that he had gotten closer to his friends.

He has been feeling a bit of a distance between his friends and he wanted to show his friends that he was also a silly kid who makes mistakes and acts ridiculously at home. He was a mature child who knew how to be considerate of his friends.

I had forgotten about that child until that gathering and I asked my friend if he was busy and whether his business was doing well. He replied that because his son is busy, he is also busy.

Then I found out that the child was actually Lee Seung Gi. Then I had a sudden thought. It wasn’t his tall height, knowledge, and handsome features that stood out in my memory, but his clean-cut personality. From the negative images of celebrity scandals, drugs cases, and promiscuous lives, I was able to see hope through this child.

After seeing the way he tries hard and devotes himself to his fans in order not to upset them, I saw his potential to be able to plant dreams and hopes into young fans with his good image, and then I promised myself to always remain as Lee Seung Gi’s fan. “

The touching story written by a friend of Lee Seung Gi’s father left netizens in awe that Lee Seung Gi has always been sincere in the way he appears to the public.

Netizens commented, “He certainly was different even as a child,” “I really want a son just like him,” and “He has no flaws whatsoever.”



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