Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Netizens show interest in Phantom following Verbal Jint’s praise + Phantom to debut soon

Ever since earning the praise of hip hop king Verbal JintBrand New Music‘s rookie trio Phantom has been earning the attention of netizens.
In his latest interview, Verbal Jint talked about how he came to produce the track “You Deserve Better” by revealing, “The rap lyrics were inspired by the beats Phantom’s Kiggen had made. While producing the melody, I tried to imagine Phantom’s Sanchez in my head while composing the song.”
“You Deserve Better” was composed by Kiggen and features the vocals of Sanchez alongside Verbal Jint’s deep rapping. Their harmonization was done so perfectly that netizens immediately began searching up who Phantom was.
Kiggen’s actually a veteran producer responsible for a number of hit tracks of his own, and Sanchez has already featured on songs like Verbal Jint’s “You Look Happy” while earning attention for his unique vocal color. The trio is rounded out by rookie rapper and singer Hanhae, making Phantom a multi-hybrid hip hop group.
Phantom will be making their official debut near the end of July. Check out “You Deserve Better” if you haven’t already!

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate


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