Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Son Dam Bi wraps up filming for her drama, ‘Light and Shadow’

The filming for MBC‘s drama ‘Light and Shadow‘ recently came to a close, and Son Dam Bi decided to leave a message of gratitude for her staff and fans ahead of the show’s final broadcast.

She tweeted, “We finally finished the last recording today. I’ve learned a lot from my seniors and teachers during the 64 episodes~ ^^ The director and staff all worked so hard. I won’t be able to forget you guys. Thank you. And thank you to everyone who loved ‘Light and Shadow’ ^^.”
Along with two group photos of the cast and staff, Son Dam Bi also thought to include a special shout out to her manager, writing, “Our manager Eul Kwon also worked hard!”
Source + Photos: E-Today via Nate


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